Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Never Let Me Go

So I am not completely done with the reading and am on page 141, but I am now pretty sure that the Hailsham students, now living in the Cottages, are clones. Kathy talks about the move from Hailsham to the Cottages. There are many things that she feels is different about it. Everyone is more mature one could say. However, porn floats around the place like its nothing. Sex is not as talked about as it used to be, but it is still viewed the same way. Kathy has had sex multiple times. She told Ruth about this. Ruth and Kathy stay up at night talking; the same way they did with the other girls, when they were all at Hailsham. Anyway, Kathy and Rose were talking and Rose's "possible" was mentioned. Apparently a "possible" is the person that they have been cloned from. Or at least, that is my understanding of it all. I am really enjoying this book. I like not knowing what is going on and figuring things out along the way.

Policy Paper - DOTS Program and TB

The main idea for my policy paper is preventing the spread of Tuberculosis, TB, by making treatment mandatory for all infected and watching the patients physically take the medication by way of the DOTS program. The DOTS program is a program that has been in use for a while, but it is not used strictly. In the DOTS program, a nurses aid or medical person of some sort goes to the home of the TB patient and watches them take their medication. This will happen on a daily basis for the amount of time the treatment is needed. Treatment usually lasts for a minimum of six months.

The treatment needs to be supervised so that TB cannot become resistant to the drugs used to treat TB, and the effect being that more people become infected with an even worse form of TB. Treatment also needs to be mandatory so that TB will not be allowed to spread.

Sunday, March 2, 2008


I like the discussions in class the best. Writing papers and giving speeches are not my favorite, but I enjoy debating and discussing any kind of topic with different people. I like learning other people's views on certain things. I love to read and so the readings usually are usually good. I have not had to pick a certain side to many of the topics that we discuss and I am glad that now I am learning more information about them. This way, I can come up with my own views and they will be able to be more stable, because I know more about the topics. I still do not know my views on everything that we discuss, but I enjoy it anyway.