Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Never Let Me Go

So I am not completely done with the reading and am on page 141, but I am now pretty sure that the Hailsham students, now living in the Cottages, are clones. Kathy talks about the move from Hailsham to the Cottages. There are many things that she feels is different about it. Everyone is more mature one could say. However, porn floats around the place like its nothing. Sex is not as talked about as it used to be, but it is still viewed the same way. Kathy has had sex multiple times. She told Ruth about this. Ruth and Kathy stay up at night talking; the same way they did with the other girls, when they were all at Hailsham. Anyway, Kathy and Rose were talking and Rose's "possible" was mentioned. Apparently a "possible" is the person that they have been cloned from. Or at least, that is my understanding of it all. I am really enjoying this book. I like not knowing what is going on and figuring things out along the way.

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